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CSR, VOLUNTEER ,FUNDS & PARTNERSHIP Humanity is on a march: Join the bandwagon
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Partner with us and up the game, make your enterprise a metaphor for social and environmental responsibility. With the world becoming more and more conscious about environmental concerns, taking up a noble cause like greening deserts will ensure that businesses attract clients who share the same values.
USPs of engaging with Urvara for your CSR
• Improved brand value
• Employee engagement
• Increased investment opportunities
• Press opportunities
• Contribution towards sustainable development goals
Be a Volunteer: Life-changing moments start with Urvara
Being associated with Urvara as a volunteer, you get a Certificate of participation in a social cause that will be an invaluable asset 

Help with Funds: Be someone’s reason to smile.

Be a strategic partner: Together, let’s think out competency-based solutions.